SCDL Showcase at the Stormont Hotel 24th October


The “Sharing Classrooms Deepening Learning” SCDL showcase held in The Stormont Hotel On October 24th was attended by over 100 educationalists, policy makers, inspectors, teachers and young people.  Bernie Kells, the project manager described the audience as a “great gathering of creativity and expertise.” Highlights of the event was a workshop on peer mentoring, facilitated by teachers and pupils from participating schools in Newry and Mourne Area Learning Community and a performance of “Mixed Emotions” , a short drama developed by Andrea Grimason on the book written by Paul Mc Laughlin of The Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA).

Bernie Kells introducing the SCDL showcase

Bernie Kells introducing the SCDL showcase


During year 3, the play and accompanying workshops became an important part of SCDL training for teachers and students. Reactions to the drama and to the workshop facilitated by the young actors were powerful and immediate:

That play was amazing.  The student performances were outstanding.  Top notch.  The reaction in the hall to the viewing I watched was pretty emotional, with one or two in the audience relaying their experiences after watching what was depicted.  That is a pretty special and daring piece of drama that has been created.   Did Dr Haas get a chance to see this drama?  He really should.  Truly outstanding.  (E mail to project from teacher in audience)

'Mixed Emotions' performance at the SCDL showcase

‘Mixed Emotions’ performance at the SCDL showcase


NIMMA Chairman Ken Dunn said; “This is a major advance for NIMMA and one that allows us to reach one of our target audiences, teenagers.

“NIMMA has a simple, straightforward message of tolerance and reconciliation and the book was written as a vehicle for that message and with an audience of young people specifically in mind.

“We thank the International Fund for Ireland and our partners in NICIE for their faith in the project, their commitment to it and their vision in producing it, and making it so accessible to our young people.”